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Do you know about the fascinating stages of language development that bilingual babies go through?

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We have ten top tips for helping your children two or more languages!

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Parents often ask us about how to help their children learn two languages at the same time and about the common misconceptions and myths that they have been told.

Read more about three of the most common but enduring myths about bilingualism

Parents raising their children to be bilingual or multilingual often have a lot of questions!

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Oxford Bilingual Community

Participants at the Oxford Brookes BabyLab hear nearly 100 different languages!

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Join our new Facebook group, Bilingual Families in Oxford, to meet other bilingual and multilingual families! This platform also provides a place to find out more about bilingualism research, have discussions and ask questions to each other and the researchers!

We have created a list of fun language-specific bilingual groups in Oxford!

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Have you ever wondered how bilingual babies learn two languages at the same time?

At the BabyLab, we are running a series of studies to find out! We will be looking at early word understanding to the more complex techniques that bilingual babies use to learn language.