Social Distancing & Development

Oxford Brookes Babylab

The effects of social distancing policies on children’s language development, sleep and executive functions.

Who's conducting this research?

The team comprises five experts in the key areas investigated in this project: language development, caregiver-child interactions, executive functions, and sleep.

  • Dr Nayeli Gonzalez-Gomez (Oxford Brookes University) is an expert on early language development and has extensive experience conducting research and managing projects in this area.

  • Dr Catherine Davies (University of Leeds) is expert in the role of language input in child development. She is currently leading an ESRC-funded project investigating socioeconomic factors in children’s vocabulary development and has extensive networks with project stakeholders.

  • Dr Michelle McGillion (University of Warwick ) is an expert in language development and the early communicative environment across diverse socio-economic populations. She has extensive experience in coding early caregiver-infant interaction across a range of contexts.

  • Dr Alexandra Hendry (University of Oxford) is an expert in the development of executive functions in typically-developing populations, and those with a familial history of autism and/or ADHD. She has recently developed and validated the Early Executive Functions Questionnaire.

  • Dr Teodora Gliga (University of East Anglia) has expertise with both language development and sleep and is currently the PI on a Wellcome Trust project investigating the impact of sensory disturbance on sleep and knowledge consolidation.

Assisted by Shannon Gibson (Postgraduate Research Assistant at Oxford Brookes University)

This study is part of a wider project investigating the effects of Covid-19 lockdowns on language development in different countries, led by Julien Mayor and Natalia Kartushina from the University of Oslo.