Oxford Brookes BabyLab

Past Events

Meet the Researchers: Language Development

Have you ever wondered how babies learn language so quickly and effortlessly? Our first talk in the Meet the Researchers series explored this! 

Meet the Researchers: Bilingualism

Have you ever wondered how bilingual babies learn two languages at the same time? Our second talk in the Meet the Researchers series addressed this! 

Meet the Researchers: How to sleep like a baby? Or not!

An opportunity for parents and practitioners to learn about sleep and ask questions! 

The Ultimate Language Quiz

The Oxford Brookes Babylab will be hosting the ultimate language quiz for #IFOX2020. Puzzle over infant language development, uncover bilingualism myths and learn about an alien language! 

The Diverse World of Languages at the Science Bazaar

Why are babies so good at learning languages? There are currently 7,111 spoken languages in the world. Two thirds of children globally are being raised in bilingual environments. Uncover myths about being bilingual and learn an artificial language!