O pacote de brincadeiras de animais


Habitats de Animais

Animal habitats Portuguese.wav

Barulhos de Animais

Animal noises Portuguese.wav

Desfile de Animais

Animal parade Portuguese.wav

Resgate de Animais Congelados

Frozen animal rescue.wav

Trilhas de tinta

Paint trails Portuguese.wav

Descascando Fita

Peeling tape Portuguese.wav

Os animais podem mudar suas listras

Animals can change their stripes.wav

Pintando com um saco

Painting in a bag Portuguese.wav

Fazendo poções

Potion making Portuguese.wav

Enxague e Repita

Animal Habitats illustration by Polly Dunbar from the book The Hug, written by Eoin McLaughlin, published and kindly provided by Faber. The remaining illustrations were produced by Camilla Hiscock (camilladoesdesign@gmail.com)

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