Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice for research participants

This Privacy Notice tells you how Oxford Brookes University (the University) collects and uses your personal information when you take part in one of our research projects. The University will usually be the Data Controller of any data that you supply for this research, so we are responsible for looking after your information and using it lawfully. The Participant Information Sheet will highlight where there are joint research projects and state whether your information is shared with other organisations.

Why do we need your data?

We need your and your child’s data so that we can investigate how school/nursery closure and social distancing can affect development in children aged 8-36 months.

For this study, the Babylab team will use an online questionnaire, video recordings and transcription, platforms to analyse the data. This research is conducted by completing an online questionnaire and uploading a videorecording of you and your child.

The legal basis for collecting this Personal Data:

Personal Data identifies you. Brookes’ students and researchers, as well as some external collaborators, carry out research, as we are a centre of learning. It is in the legitimate interests of the University to carry out research.

What type of data will University use in this research?

As part of this research we will collect different types of data such , such as questionnaire, contact data, video material. This includes:

Family Information:

· Contact details of the parent or guardian (i.e., email)

· Languages heard/spoken at home

· Siblings

· Parents’ educational attainment

· Household income

· History of Language Problems

· Postcode

Child’s Information:

· Initials

· Date of birth

· Gestational age

· Problems at birth

· Ear Infections

· Developmental disorders

We will also collect quantitative data about words that your child understands/says, your child’s sleep routine, your child’s behaviour during the last weeks, your activities during the lockdown, your mental health and stress and video-recordings of you and your child (only if you opt-in). Data will be analysed and publish in journals. Your child will not be identifiable from any of our published findings. Anonymous data files will be used for academic archiving and stored using UK Data Service. This archive is not publicly available and data will be used only for academic (rather than commercial) use. A summary of the results will be available on our website and social media.

Will the University share your data?

The research will be read within the University and where it is intended that it is published and it may be seen by members of the public. The University will use Google services (e.g.Google Drive) to process your data securely. There is additional information about this in the Participant Information Sheet. External collaborators at the University of Oxford, University of East Anglia, University of Leeds and University of Warwick will have access to the anonymised data. Appropriate safeguards will be put in place to make sure that your child’s privacy is protected.

Will OBU transfer my data outside of the UK?

Yes, Google uses EU based data centers for data storage. For more information, please see

What rights do I have regarding my data that OBU holds?

● You have the right to be informed about what data will be collected and how this will be used.

● You have the right of access to your data until it is incorporated into the research

● You have the right to correct data if it is wrong

● You have the right to restrict the use of the data we hold about you to the point where the data is analysed and so included in the research.

● You have the right to object to the university using your data to the point where it is practicable for you to do so (until your data is analysed and so included in the research).

Where did Brookes source my data from?

Some of the information about your child will come from you and some will be generated during the course of the research.

Are there any consequences of not providing the requested data?


Will there be any automated decision making using my data?


How long will Brookes keep your data?

Data generated in the course of research is kept securely electronic form for at least ten years after the project has ended in accordance with University’s policy. After this point, all data files will be permanently deleted.

Whom can I contact if I have concerns about:


Please contact the researchers in the first instance via ( if you have any questions about the research study. Please contact the Chair of the University Research Ethics Committee at ) if you have any concerns about the way in which the study has been conducted.

About Data Protection:

You can contact the Information Compliance team at, telephone 01865 485420 or write to the Information Compliance Team at Oxford Brookes University Gipsy Lane Headington Oxford OX3 0BP. We deal with any queries or concerns about how Data Protection law has been applied or if you wish to access your rights as a data subject. You can email the Data Protection Officer at: in the alternative or you can contact the national regulator via https//: if you want to contact an organisation which is independent from the University.